CORN for animal feed

Huge demands in Indonesia's domestic markets



PT. Mutiara Perdagangan Aset was established to take advantage of Indonesian vast opportuinites in agricultures, specifically in corns for animal feed. Our facility is located in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. When we get purchase orders from animal feed factories, we then buy wet corns from the local farmers during the harvesting seasons, dry them up, and ship them to the animal feed factories. Our corn drying facility helps the local farmers speed up the harvesting process so that they can start their following rounds of planting new corn seeds. In addition to that, we provide financial solutions to the farmers as well, so they don't have to deal with local loan sharks anymore.

Indonesia currently still imports more than 30-35% of corn required by animal feed industry. Apparently, the domestic corn producers have never been able to provide continuous supply of the materials to the animal feed companies. Imports are expected to continue rising going forward in line with the increasing consumption of chickenThe consumption level of chicken and eggs for Indonesian community is much higher compared to others. Thus, the growth rate of animal feed consumption is strongly linked to the growth in demand for chicken and eggs. With the country’s chicken consumption of 6 kg per capita per year, the lowest in the Southeast Asia region, the industry should have a strong growth potential. 

Additionally, the demand growth for poultry has been positively correlated to population growth. As the most populous country in Southeast Asia, it is understandable that demand should be abundant. Other factors for the potential growth include the increase in preference of chicken over other animal proteins due to factors such as rising prices of beef, and the growing health consciousness that believes white meat is healthier than red meat. Our facility capacity is currently at 25,000 tons per month (during harvesting season), supplying to various feed mills locally such as Cargill Indonesia, Charoen Pokphand, Japfa Comfeed, Sierad Produce, etc. Recently we also ship to other countries such as The Philippines.