We provide investments of capital for both operating and start-ups, focusing on venture capital

Financial Service


PT. Vanguard Capital, a venture capital firm,  was established to provide investments of capital into other corporations, both operating and start-ups. We focus on venture capital, leveraged buyout, and growth capital. Our firm owns a set of goals, preferences and investment strategies; each however providing working capital to a target company to nurture expansion, new product development, or restructuring of the company’s operations, management, or ownership. We buy majority control of an existing or mature firm. This is distinct from a venture capital or growth capital investment, in which the investors (typically venture capital firms or angel investors) invest in young or emerging companies, and rarely obtain majority control. Our capital is primarily corporation funds, institution funds, discretionary funds, trust funds and individuals’ wealth. 

Our most valuable assets are the people and the management. Combining conservative banking backgrounds, strong entrepreneurships, broad experiences in capital markets and wealth management, we believe that our professionals can provide the best assessments and recommendations to our investors. We believe that our ability to assemble the right team of individuals for each venture we undertake is the key to our success. Our ultimate objective is to safeguard our investors’ capital and trust invested in our corporation, while generating stable and health profits back to our and stakeholders. Our long term vision has been to generate and safeguard capital to take an active role in assisting entrepreneurs build successful businesses in high growth sector.

Vanguard Capital also acts as a holding company of the group, having majority stakes in all of its subsidiaries and almost all in of its investments. We have developed some management strategies over time in managing our investments, which includes :

  • Conducting extensive researches in all aspects in looking through potential investment
  • Strengthening our skills in industry analysis
  • Focusing on fundamentals in valuation and appraisal of all potential investments
  • Diversifying capital investment portfolio across industries
  • Applying conservative banking-standard risk management and risk assessment
  • Performing close and frequent monitoring of capital usage and financials in all investments