efficient production

It is the only key in the current global mining industry



PT. Vanguard Resources, was established to explore one of Indonesia's biggest potentials: mining sector. At the moment, we are running a production at a stone quarry and crushing facility in Palu, Central Sulawesi. Our mission is to have reliable, competitive, and efficient mine production, which brings benefits to our buyers, suppliers, shareholders, and local communities. With experience, teamwork, and our strong dedicated efforts, we believe we can that mission. We are currently producing 25,000 tons per month of various stone products in our facility.

Our various products include:

  • Boulder Stones, which are big sized stones (50-100 cm in diameter), that are commonly used for projects such as land reclamation, jetty construction, breakwater construction, etc.
  • Split Stones, which are crushed stones (10-20 mm, 20-30 mm, 30-50 mm), that are widely and commonly used for various construction projects such as roads, railways, buildings, airstrips, bridges, etc.
  • Sand, which is material mostly used for all constructions such as buildings, concrete mix, etc.
  • Coral Stones, which are commonly used for housing projects that require more economical costs.
  • Grey Stones, which are used as a blend in asphalt used in road constructions, or it can be used as a replacement of sand.
  • Aggregate A and B, which is a blend of split stones, grey stones, and sand, specifically requested by the buyer for a particular construction project.